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Al Katz is a classic comedian with a cynical twist who has created a different perspective on life called “STEP OVER THE LINE” which audiences have come to talk about. He believes that everyone has a little borderline of humor and he likes to STEP over it. That is like taking the hostilities in life and turning it into humor.
Al Katz has numerous Television appearances including Showtime Comedy Club Network, HBO, Comedy Central, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Al has also appeared in the HBO production of “From The Earth To The Moon” with Tom Hanks, “Cop And A Half” with Burt Reynolds and Flex All commercials with Joe Namath.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Television (partial listing)
SeaQuest, NBC
HBO Comic Relief
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Showtime Comedy Club
Stand-up Chicago
PM Magazine
Chicago AM Northwest
Short Attention Span Theatre
Stand Up… Stand Up
Page One, ABC Special Laffs, ABC Special
Weekend Magazine
Inn Brief
Video Madness Three Magazine

Movies and Commercials (partial listing)
From the Earth to the Moon – HBO
Cop And A Half – Imagine Films
Flex-All – Regional Commercial

Special Events
Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club
B’Nai B’rith
Easter Seals
Fox Television

Clubs & Corporate Events

Clubs (partial listing)
Comedy Stop, Las Vegas, NV
Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC
Comedy Castle, Detroit, MI
Comedy Zone, Orlando, FL
Funny Bone, Columbus, OH
Hilarities, Akron, OH
One Liners, Indianapolis, IN
Zanies, Prospect, IL
Comedy Zone, Jacksonville, FL
Groucho’s, Stuart, FL
Comedy House, Augusta, GA
Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN
Comedy Den, Grand Rapids, MI
Connxtions, Lansing, MI
Funny Bone, Pittsburgh, PA
McCurdy’s, Sarasota, FL
Barrel of Laughs, Chicago, IL
Comedy House, Ocala, FL
Funny Business, Toledo, OH
Chaplin’s, Detroit, MI
Comedy Zone, Charleston, SC
KJ Riddles, Chicago, IL
Comedy Stop, Atlantic City, NJ
Wiley’s, Dayton, OH
Catch A Rising Star, Las Vegas, NV
Comedy Zone, Bahamas
Funny Business, Windsor, Canada
Zanies, Chicago, IL

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