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Looking like the illegitimate son of Uncle Fester and G. Gordon Libby, Don Reese combines what the Cleveland Plain Dealer calls ‘friendly ghoulishness’ mixed with ‘sparks-flying timing’ to create comedy that is uniquely and utterly his. Don’s hilariously bizarre outlook takes him from Batman to the Amish, bikers to bus rides- all while hanging on the fine line between reality and the Twilight Zone.Done is a headliner in top clubs across the country. His is fast, funny and one-of-a-kind. His is also becoming one of the most sought after performers today. Here is your chance to find out why.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

TelevisionEvening at The Improv- A&E, Caroline’s Comedy Hour- A&E,  Comedy in the Road- A&E, The Nashville Network , The Comedy Channel, Comedy Central,  Almost Live, Night Shift.
Colleges: Drake University, Iowa State University, University of Michigan, University of South Dakota, University of Toledo, University of Nebraska

Clubs & Corporate Events

Clubs: Night Shift Chaplain’s- Detroit, MI, Charlie Goodnight’s- Raleigh, NC, Connxtions- Lansing, MI, Comedy Corner- Colorado Springs, COComedy Off Broadway- Lexington, KY,  Crackers- Indianapolis, IN,  Funny Bone- St. Louis, MO, Hilarities- Cleveland, OH,  Slapstix- Baltimore, MD,Snickerz- Fort Wayne, IN.


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