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Joke telling needs innovators, people who are not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd with the simple and terrifying goal of making the people in it laugh. For almost two-decades he’s been entertaining the masses in the nation’s premiere comedy clubs. He’s headlined corporate events, performed for audiences on the world’s greatest cruise liners and for our nation’s military.

Fred was raised in Lake Tahoe, California, Fred learned at a very young age that the art of entertaining was his passion in life. Inspired by legends like Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. By the age of 13 he found himself constantly sitting in the audiences of the cabaret shows around Lake Tahoe watching and learning from the club comedians of the day. Fred left Lake Tahoe for Pasadena where he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While attending the Academy Fred landed small roles on, “Beverly Hills 90210”, and “Saved By The Bell”, and also began working his talents at open mic nights around Los Angeles. As Fred continued to hone his skills he earned the status of headlining performer at comedy clubs across the U.S. crisscrossing the country to gigs from Florida to Alaska.

Today, Fred Bevill is seasoned professional capable of making any audience laugh in any type of venue. His charisma with an audience is instantaneous, his stage presence is untouchable and his energy for the funny is unsurpassed!  Fred says he’s lucky to have his family, which is a wealth of material, and especially his wife, who is his greatest critic. If he can’t make her laugh, it’s probably no good.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Saved By The Bell
Beverly Hills 90210


Clubs & Corporate Events

Featured Appearances
Jerry Seinfeld
Jeff Dunham
Bobby Collins
Jeff Jena

Chicago Title Co.
Caldwell Banker
California Associations of Realtors
Frito Lay Co.
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