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A- Who was one of hundreds of comics to make it to the top 20 of NBC’s most recent “Last Comic Standing” auditions at Carolines in New York City?
B- Who just unveiled his life story in a dramatically shocking and humorous one-man show?
C- Who just won the Carnival Comedy Challenge at the Improv in New York City?
D- Tell me, who’s a classic native New Yorker (“street kid” sensibility), struggling in suburbia, who brings an attitude of loveable anger and a buffet of thought provoking material to his audiences?
E- Who’s skills of adaptability and versatility are constantly in demand by all demographics and age groups?
Answer A, B, C, D, E: JOSEPH ANTHONY….that’s who!

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Television: ABC’s The View™ Uncle Vinnie’s comedy hour (Comcast cable)  Fox A.M. News, Baltimore, MD ABC’s America’s Funniest People CBS Morning News  (Comedy Cures PSA and NY Comedy Coalition meeting)  WOR’s Richard Bey Show  CTV New York (many local cable broadcast).   Top 20 finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing (Caroline’s on Broadway, N.Y., NY)  Inde – Strange Things Happen at Sundown … Mickey Balls.
Special Events:  Winner – Kill or Be Killed competition.  (Howard Stern satellite radio event, hosted by Sal the Stockbroker and judged by Sam Simon, Robin Quivers, Artie Lange, and Bob Levy)
Winner – Las Vegas Comedy Festival
A regular on Sirius/XM satellite radio’s comedy channels.


Clubs & Corporate Events

Grandpa’s comedy club™ (Al Lewis’ – The Munsters™- franchise) new talent competition (2 months into the business)


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Frequently Asked Questions About Joseph Anthony

Typical Questions asked include:

  • What type of material is discussed.
  • How clean is the material.
  • What is the average age of his audience.
  • How much does he cost.

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