Hypnotists Kellie Karl

Kellie Karl has performed as a singer and a dancer, but her celebrity for many years now has
been attached to her performances as a hypnotist in Las Vegas where she lives, as well as her performances in other
parts of North America. It is a career that started when a friend who was the assistant to a hypnotist was moving and
asked Kellie Karl if she would like to take over for her. Eventually, she got the bug, studied hypnosis and when the
hypnotist that she was assisting moved she took over his show.
When asked if she had any preconceived notions about hypnosis, prior to her involvement Kellie Karl replied, “I wasn’t
suspect. I wasn’t the type of person who said, oh that’s just not real. I had really never seen a hypnosis show, so I
was pretty open-minded about it. When I saw his (the hypnotist that she assisted) show I was very intrigued,
because I had always known about the power of the mind. It is something I have always embraced and I had done
my own study about it.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Kellie’s show are hilarious, high voltage,head-spinning FUN featuring YOU and the incredible power of your subconscious mind.
She delivers, with a thrilling jaw-dropping performance.

Clubs & Corporate Events

Kellie has entranced minds and tickled funny bones world wide performing for casinos, cruise ships, TV, movies, corporate events, fairs, festivals and parties, and she looks forward to hypnotizing you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kellie Karl

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