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LARRY HEAGLE, veteran of nightclubs, comedy clubs, and as an opening act for such stars as Jay Leno, Ray Charles, Emmy Lou Harris, Johnny Cash, and many others. He has performed at Milwaukee summerfest, State Fairs, and on television.
During the 1980’s, Heagle served as media spokesman for the Leinenkugel Brewery, writing, producing, and performing numerous commercials for radio and television.
Of Larry, the Carlton Celebrity Theatre of Minneapolis says: “Larry’s combination of music and comedy is perfect as an opening act attraction with our National Artists. He has a remarkable ability to capture the hearts of any audience within minutes of opening his show.”
Heagle performs much of the time on what he calls the “mashed potato circuit” as an after dinner speaker at conventions all over the country, but loves to hit the road and work the intimacy of comedy clubs as well.
His material is based on a melange of experiences that always manages to tickle the audience’s collective funny bone.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Wisconsin recognizes this native son as a television spokesman for The Leinenkugel Brewery of Chippewa Falls, for which he wrote and appeared in the award winning “Turtles Commercial” . Leinenkugel’s continues to use spin-offs from Heagle’s beer-cans-on-a-stringer concept in much of their advertising. Midwest car enthusiasts recognize Larry from a two-time award winning “excellence in advertising” video, “It’s Titts” , which he both wrote and performed for Profitable Sales and Marketing.

Clubs & Corporate Events

Larry Heagle has entertained for hundreds of organizations, representing many facets of the business community.
Some include.
World Dairy Expo
Wisconsin Cheesemakers
Wells Blue Bunny Inc.
American Red Cross
Carrol College
Association of School Administrators
Ducks Unlimited
Aid Association for Lutherans
Wisconsin Homecare Association
Corps of Engineers
Wausau Insurance
Cenex Land O’ Lakes
GTE Managerial
Hardware Hank

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