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Raised in Wisconsin, Mick fell in love with custard; it’s like ice cream except with more fat. Smoking cigarettes in the alley and throwing snowballs at passing cars is how Mick cut his comedy molars. “I hung with a fun group of guys, cracking jokes, and usually tripped one of them whenever a dude, who’s car got bombarded with ice balls, engaged in a chase. “
Voted Class Clown and capable of making not only his cronies but adults laugh too, Mick knew he was on to something. Watching the seventy’s innovative stand-up comedy shows: “Make me Laugh” and “Norm Crosby’s Comedy Shop” nudged  him to move to LA.
Monday nights he waited for hours in line at the Comedy Store to display his gift. Sundays at the Improv. After two years Mick moved to New York and eighteen months later was headlining clubs coast to coast.
In the mid-nineties he followed the money to cruise ships only to wave good bye after realizing no one would discover him at sea. Mick, almost immediately, returned to the ships and shortly after left once more. Currently, Mick’s waiting to hear on his request to return.
Jerry Hamza, George Carlin’s manager of thirty years, saw Mick in NYC and immediately hired him to open for George around the World, including Canada.


Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Writing punch-up jokes for Home Improvement’s “Tool Time” Mick befriended Tim Allen and more than once watched Tim do his jokes on late night talk shows without Mick’s permission. “We kinda settled up when I was at his house and he left the checkbook out.”

Academy Award winning producer, Stuart Benjamin, who’s hit list includes: Ray, La Bamba, Everybody’s All-American and Aaginst All Odds, optioned Mick’s screenplay, Timeball: the 2040 World Bowl Champion Las Vegas “Blackjacks” host – utilizing time travel – the 1966 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers..”

In 2005 Mick opened for Joan Rivers and continued with her for six years…it took that long to get paid. 



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Robert Klein, after judging the 2006 “Laughs Across America” comedy competition, which Mick won, said that Mick Lazinski should be a household name.

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