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About Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE

As a Hall of Fame international keynote speaker, author, comedian, and world-class guitarist, Mike Rayburn is an inspirational thought leader and one of the most in-demand and un-conventional keynote artists in the world. Drawing from his success as an entrepreneur as well as a Carnegie Hall headliner, Mike is a master at increasing profitability and impact by inspiring your team to become possibility thinkers and virtuoso performers… all by daring you to ask the question, “What if…?”

The “What If…?” Experience is Mike’s transformational, hilarious keynote presentation. In it Mike uses his amazing guitar work and hilarious comedy as a metaphor, to illustrate three tools designed to turn your team into an army of innovators with the peak performance skills to transcend the status quo to stop managing change, and lead by creating change. Oh… and they’ll laugh so hard it hurts!

The measure of any speaker is the results they produce. Mike is consistently cited as “the hit of the conference,” and “what we needed and didn’t even know it.” More importantly, businesses regularly attribute significant, sometimes exponential increases in sales, impact and morale to the application of Mike’s keynote tools and breakout session content.

Also, in the same way a great song gets stuck in your head, Mike’s “What if…?” message gets repeated over and over, imprinting his most powerful tool in their memories and affecting immediate results and permanent improvement.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Always on the cutting edge, international keynote speaker Mike Rayburn is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Hall of Fame speaker (CPAE),  two-time TEDx presenter, has performed more than 4,000 presentations and his comedy remains in heavy rotation on Sirius/XM radio. Mike has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Billboard,American Entertainment, Gig, and Successful Meetings magazines.

Clubs & Corporate Events

  • Wal-Mart /Sam’s Club *
  • Hilton Hotels *
  • Wells Fargo*
  • Lincoln Financial Group *
  • Exxon Mobil *
  • AFLAC *
  • Discover Card *
  • American Express *
  • Nationwide Insurance*
  • Sprint *
  • Verizon *
  • Cox Broadcasting
  • American Bankers Association*
  • American Payroll Association*
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield*
  • Sony
  • * indicates multiple performances
  • Roche Laboratories *
  • BP/Amoco
  • Conoco-Phillips*
  • Panasonic*
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Prudential*
  • ABC Radio, Inc. *
  • ING Corporation *
  • AARP
  • Avon
  • Fossil
  • Touchstone Energy
  • Avega Health Systems Inc
  • Health Plus Corporation
  • Winnebago

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