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Both stage shows are an audience participation event, where your friends and coworkers become the stars of the show. Their perception of reality will be temporarily altered to their amazement & your fun!


Stage hypnosis is a unique audience participation event everyone talks about for weeks. It’s true party entertainment. Iowa stage hypnotist Ray Thompson uses his extensive knowledge of hypnosis, magic, and the theater to entertain at corporate functions, school assemblies or after proms, colleges, fairs, and festivals. “I truly believe the people who volunteer to come on stage are my guests. They are the stars of the show. I am merely the stage director, casting the right person for that part.” This philosophy brings a different atmosphere to how the show is conducted.

My mentalism show is aimed at entertaining you with the power of your mind using suggestions and imagination.  This is another way to demonstrate “The Magic of Your Imagination.” Corporate entertainment is a specialty.

Ray’s background in theater, teaching, sales training, counseling, and magic is used to provide you with a show to remember. Guests on stage enjoy the hypnotic experience and want to be hypnotized again. This is why Ray is brought back repeatedly by corporations and schools year after year.Professionals in all fields share many common traits such as special qualifications, continued education in their field, membership in professional organizations, and proper insurance to protect themselves and their clients. Ray has been a Kansas stage hypnotist, a Nebraska stage hypnotist, a Las Vegas stage hypnotist, a Minnesota stage hypnotist, a Texas stage hypnotist, a Missouri stage hypnotist, an Illinois stage hypnotist, a Florida stage hypnotist, a Wisconsin stage hypnotist, and an Iowa stage hypnotist.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

  • Wells Fargo Mortgage
  • Iowa Bankers Assn
  • Iowa Select Farms
  • Hy- Vee Stores in 3 states
  • Iowa and Nebraska State Fairs
  • Drake, ISU, Iowa, Canisius College & More
  • County fairs in 6 states
  • Clinton Riverboat Days
  • Bourbon Street Casino, Las Vegas

Clubs & Corporate Events

Some of the happy parties entertained by Ray….
Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino
FunnyBone Comedy Club
DARE Officers of Iowa and Michigan
Iowa State Police Association
Central Iowa Pathologist’s Association
Hawkeye Bank of Humbolt
Iowa Hotel and Restaurant Association
MCI Corporate
Ankeny High School
East High School of Des Moines
Hy-Vee Food Store
Carlisle High School
Adel High School
Iowa State University
Drake University
Drake Relays
Western Illinois University
Corporate Graphics
Iowa Bankers Association
Pope Plumbing
Clinton Riverboat Days
Holiday Inn Airport
American Packaging Co.
Iowa Sheriff’s Association

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ray Thompson

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  • How clean is the material.
  • What is the average age of his audience.
  • How much does he cost.

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