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The Saucy Cabaret is a powerhouse New Vaudeville style variety show that cooks up a tasty smorgasbord of comedy, laughter, music and mischief: A fast paced-mile a minute- laugh riot that doesn’t let up even for a second. It has music, mime, crazy magic, stand-up comedy and some of the funniest improvisational and sketch Comedy ever!

These performers have more than one hundred years of show business experience between them, and deliver a performance marked by smooth skill, high style and showmanship. This show is an explosion-you can’t plan this: You just sit back and enjoy.

What Others Are Saying About The Saucy Cabaret:
“Vaudeville for the new millennium!” –Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner
“Sweet, sassy and comp completely Charming,” –National Public Radio
“Great comedy, totally engaging and way more than your money’s worth!”-Cumulus Broadcasting
“Their timing was beautiful. Comedy, music, magic, and a “sad clown routine” that was touching If this is a sign of the “New Vaudeville,” it’s going to be big.” -Knights of Columbus Event Manager
“Brilliant” -Variety Magazine

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Crook & Chase
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Saucy Cabaret is currently performing in the Branson, MO theater.

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