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In 1969 Terry Stokes saw stage hypnotist Jack Berry performing his nightclub act in Atlanta Georgia.  That night his life changed.  He began devoting every waking moment to the study of the science of hypnotism.  After receiving his degree as a hypnotherapist, Terry became the associate director of the Atlanta Hypnosis Institute.  It was here Terry began dreaming of a life on stage.  He sought the advice and direction of his original inspiration, Jack Berry.  The advice he received is the foundation and is still the guiding light for the show today.  That advice was… “Always be original.  You can never take pride in someone else’s creations…Love your audience, and they will return that love, and above all never settle for less than excellence.  Be the best there is…or don’t do it.”  Two years later Berry retired from a 35 year career and passed the torch to Terry with a final piece of advice.  He said, “you have the finest show I have ever seen…but don’t ever forget that you are not the ‘star’.  The ‘stars’ are those people on stage.”

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

In his best selling book, “Show Business Is Two Words,” Bob Vincent said of Terry Stokes: “His show is one of the most exciting, original and audience pleasing shows I have ever seen.”  It was Bob Vincent’s praise that brought Terry to the attention of the fair industry.

Clubs & Corporate Events

By 1985, Terry was touring clubs throughout the United States and Canada.  Working now over 200 days per year.  Every show was a record breaker.  Lines began forming at 4 in the afternoon to be able to get seats for a 9 o’clock performance.  Terry’s on stage charisma had made the Terry Stokes Show an unforgettable entertainment experience.  His ability to capture an audience and draw them into his world where anything is possible had created a following of fans who returned time after time never to be disappointed.  He set attendance and revenue records in every club he played.


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