Comedians Tim Jones

Tim is always asked what made him go into comedy. The answer is simple. He needed a job where he could sleep till noon and buy new cars! This pretty much sums up Tim’s laid-back approach to laughter. His show isn’t a high pressure presentation. It’s more of an easygoing, hilarious conversation, with a touch of audience participation. After all, in high school, Tim was voted “Student Most Likely To… Relax.” Tim’s original style is a reflection of that. This talent has resulted in quite a successful career for this native New Yorker. Tim wanted to be a civil engineer, but after being abused by algebra in high school, he realized that there was nothing civil abut algebra or engineering. He needed to find a different way.
After college Tim became a news writer at an NBC station. It was the same old news everyday… “Ten people dead today, fourteen killed yesterday, and now the Weather!” So Tim packed up his bags and ran away to Loa Angeles to join the showbiz circus. Somethings are planned and others just happen. That’s how it was with comedy, it just happened for Tim. Hollywood was quick to recognize Tim’s talent and he soon had recurring roles on hit TV shows “Dear John” and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” and became one the hottest performers working all the premiere comedy clubs. Tim has done films, sitcoms, commercials, co-hosted shows and starred in the LA production of the Tony Award winning play, “G.R. Point.” But Tim’s first love is stand-up. Tim says: “Making people laugh. There’s nothing as fulfilling, as rewarding, as exciting… well, almost nothing.”

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Opened For:
Jerry Seinfeld
Counting Crows
Julio Inglesias
David Spade
Jamie Kennedy
Brian Adams
Al Green
Ziggy Marley
Michael McDonald


Clubs & Corporate Events

Club Performances:
The Laugh Factory Los Angels
Comedy Store Los Angels
BallysLas Vegas
Improv Los Angeles/ Las Vegas
Catch A Rising Star New York
Comic Strip New York
RivieraLos Angeles
Harrah’s Las Vegas
Tropicana Las Vegas & Atlantic City

Palm Inc.
Bank One
American Express
Taco Bell
Westec Corp.
Sacramento Bar Assoc.
American Cancer Society
Narcotics Anonymous
U.S. Army
Holiday Inn
Little Rock Bar Assoc.
Rancho Cocamonga City Council

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