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For over 20 years, Todd Yohn’s high energy, nonstop act has blended stand-up, improv, and music into one deliciously stimulating show. His fresh and clever original comedy tunes such as ‘The Feminine Hygiene Song’, ’Daddy Please Don’t Go’, and the very popular ‘Orange Barrels’ have separated Todd from the ‘other’ guitar playing comedy acts. Todd has been an accomplished musician for many years and still has a songwriting deal with MCA Publishing in Nashville, TN. He is one of the few performers today who has the rare ability to produce large amounts of laughter with the lift of an eyebrow or droop of the lip. Todd’s combination of material, uncanny sense of timing and his complete uniqueness of personality, has earned him the reputation as one of the best club comedians in the country. As a matter of fact, Tom Griswald of the nationally syndicated morning show “Bob and Tom” has said that,“Todd Yohn is, by far, the funniest live comedian show anyone will see.”
Todd is heavily requested on the college circuit as well as the corporate world and national comedy club network. You might have seen Todd on HBO, Showtime, VH1, and Comedy Central. He has worked with Glenn Campbell, The Four Tops, Charlie Daniels, and is Joan Rivers favorite opening act (in his price range). His humor and songwriting have made him one of the original ‘regulars’ of “The Bob and Tom Show”. According to Kevin Brady of Outback Concert Promotions, “Todd is my number one closer for the ‘Friends of Bob and Tom Show’ national tours.” Simply put, Todd does comedy the way comedy was meant to be performed. He is a total performer who will thrill any audience! Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this ‘one of a kind’ entertainer!

Todd’s act is a “R” rated show for Adults!

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

HBO, SHOWTIME, VH-1, and COMEDY CENTRAL. He has worked with Glenn Campbell, The Four Tops, Charlie Daniels, and is Joan Rivers’ favorite opening act (in his price range). His humor and songwriting have made him one of the ORIGINAL “regulars” of “The Bob and Tom Show”.

Clubs & Corporate Events

Funny Bone
Star Dome
Jukebox Comedy Club
Laugh In Comedy Club
Looney Bin
Charlie Goodnights
Oasis Comedy Club
Comedy Zone

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