Hypnotists Tom Burgoon

Your audience will be Amazed, Amused and Astounded when Tom Burgoon invites Your Own People to enter the incredible “World of Hypnosis”!

The human brain is a complicated biochemical machine that is just now beginning to be examined, captured, cataloged and barely understood. It is the residence of the heart and soul of a human being and the Throne of the Imagination. The Imagination is the prime focus of this Dynamic Program!

Without any trace of belittlement, Tom will take a group of Volunteers Onstage and the audience in their seats, on a wonderful journey full of merriment, music and mirth. You have never experienced anything like this before. This show is totally unique and different. An Entertainment designed for the thinking men and women of this exciting time in which we live and work. Explore the fascinating “World of the Mind”.

“We’ve done a lot of great things over the years for our parties, but I have never seen our people laugh so hard for so long. The hypnosis was amazing! Thanks for making our party such a huge success!”
Jennifer McDonough, Director Administration
NATH Companies

“The hypnosis is something you have to see to believe! The show is in good taste and even better than the demo tape we reviewed. We never laughed so much!”
Barbara Thompson, Lockton Risk Services

“It was a major hit! Tom had us rolling in our seats with tears flowing down our faces from laughing. Definitely two thumbs up!”
Kim Moran, Administrative Assistant

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Tom’s unique brand of comedy and magic has been showcased to a vast audience, with venues including everything from cruise lines to corporate clients such as 3M, Coca Cola and NASA. From comedy clubs and stage events in Las Vegas, Reno and L.A. to performing for President George W. Bush at the Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C.

Clubs & Corporate Events

Satisfied Customers:
Scandinavian World Cruises (over 5000 shows)
AMC Theaters Corporation
DuPont Plastics
Plus many other innumerable organizations
Playboy International
Hallmark Inc.
Marion Merrel Dow Inc.
Yamaha Industries

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