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I was born in Georgia. I’d like to be able to tell you I was born on the back of a melon truck, or while my parents were squirrel hunting. But, that isn’t true. I was born in a military hospital. (Which I think accounts for my not being a morning person, all those mornings of waking up to reville during my early formative years). We were only in Georgia for a few years, not much left of that experience except an occassional ‘y’all’ in my speech.

I spent most of my growing years in Elglin, IL. I still live in Northern Illinois, right outside Chicago. All that needs to be said about Elgin is that early in the century, the city fathers had the choice between a university or a mental hospital. They chose the mental hospital. Thus, the Elgin State Mental Hospital was born.

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Clubs & Corporate Events

ABC Supply – Beloit, WI
Duke Energy – Charlotte, NC
Smile for Life Dental – Elgin, IL
Fast Enterprises, LLC – Madison, WI
Insurance Adjusters of Central Illinois – Springfield, IL
Sloan Implement Company, Inc – Assumption, IL
Carolina Custom Products – Charlotte, NC
Circle Community Club – Circle, MT
Dubuque Yacht Club – Dubuque, IA
Food Concept, Inc – Madison, WI
Grand Pointe Homes – Elgin, IL
Industrial Stainless, Inc – Green Bay, WI
Nappanee Police Department – Nappanee, IN
Naval Service Training Command – Northbrook, IL
Parker Hannifan – Goshen, IN
Pepsi – Decatur, IL
Smurfit Stone – South Bend, IN
Whitewater Cogeneration Facility – Whitewater, WI
Mid America Pool and Spa Show – Chicago, IL
Richards Electric – Quincy, IL
Precision Equipment – SE Iowa
Northline Industries – Chilton, WI

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