Larry Omaha

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Larry's jokes come fast and furious! He hits every topic: stupid stereotypes, whacked out relatives, the horrors of computer dating, why Santa avoids Indian Reservations. Without using shocking language, he will have you in convulsions and tears. Some comics attack their audience but Larry engages his audience and takes them on a roller coaster comedy ride they'll never forget. His unique point of view on multi-ethnic America has garnered numerous TV appearances and places him in great demand on the corporate circuit. His comical stories about this youth are hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "refreshing, funny and universal." Omaha's side-splitting jabs at everyday life inspired the Las Vegas Sun to label him "a very hip comic for the new millennium". The long-time stand-up comic and former TV writer lives in Los Angeles and says, "The rappers in my neighborhood are shooting each other over songs. Biggie Smalls, dead. Tupac Shakur, dead. It's insane. You never hear about Los Lobos going after Santana! But I would like to see Queen Latifah slap some sense into Michael Jackson."

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