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Steve Mittleman is a comedian extraordinaire - great for corporate functions, conventions and large groups. His talent has earned him a enviable reputation on the Los Angeles corporate comedy circuit. Steve is a regular guest on "Late Night" and "The Tonight Show." He headlines at all major comedy clubs and was featured in "Roxanne" with Steve Martin and Woody Allen's "Radio Days." You will remember Steve Mittleman as the guy "with no chin" and great comedic timing. His comedy routines are hilarious and "squeaky" clean and his improvisational skills are excellent! And...he does Jewish shows, also! O'Donnell vs. Mittleman on Star Search With only two minutes to make an impression, Steve Mittleman competed against Rosie O'Donnell, who had won on Star Search multiple times. In a way, he says, that gave him a lucky break. "I think she had won...I don't know...eight, nine, ten times, and she was starting to run out of material," he said. Mittleman won their face-off, and has continued a career as a stand-up comic. But the consistent exposure O'Donnell had already gotten, he says, is what gave her the real payoff.

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