Magic Arian Black

Arian currently is the only professional female magician to have a degree in Magic. As a young magician, Arian spent time studying magic with Doug Henning.

Arian’s incredible performances captivate audiences the world over, her magic is truly one of a kind. She is considered to be the sexiest, talented, and most accomplished female magician in our time. A strive for perfection has won Arian the international award of Female Magician of the Year for 2004. She is extremely honored to have been granted such an award.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

 Television shows:
“The Greater Magic of Las Vegas”
“Lance Burton’s Guerilla Magic”. 

Clubs & Corporate Events

Since 1990, Arian has been working as a professional magician all over the world. Her current list of credits includes revue shows such as “Splash” at the Riviera hotel in Las Vegas. You can also see Arian in several documentaries for companies such as the BBC and Art-A television. She also performed on NBC, The Family Channel, and Mega Vision just to mention a few. Arian worked as a magic consultant on “The Chair” for ABC, and appeared on Fox’s “30 Seconds of Fame”. She worked on the television show “Steve Harvey’s Bigtime”. The episode Arian appears was one of their highest rated shows, and has aired several times.

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