Frequently Asked Questions

Comedy Productions

Is it difficult to book with Comedy Productions?

No, we will call and email with you getting your event information, then select the 3 best options for you, once you decide who you would like we send you an agreement and you are all set.

What is the lead time typically?

Ideally 3 months to a year. Because we’re always here to assist, we’ve helped clients in need the day prior to their event! WHEW!

Is all communication ended once we book?

No, we check in with you a couple of weeks before the event, and check in with you again after your event.

What happens if my entertainer cant make it?

We will send an alternative entertainer, with no extra cost to you.

If the show is postponed due to weather or something like covid what happens?

We will transfer your deposit to your next event.

If my event is cancelled because of something like covid, how long will the deposit be transferrable?

The Event deposit is transferrable up to 5 years after initial event date, if due to a natural disaster / disease outbreak.

Do you provide sound for my event?

We have sound systems for use (rent) for clients nearby. Please ask for more information when booking your event.

Can I afford to book with comedy productions?

We have a variety of price points for events, and will try to accommodate all budgets.

What does it cost and how do I pay?

We offer entertainers at a variety of price points to accommodate almost all price points. Once you choose the perfect entertainer, there will be a deposit required with the paperwork - to be paid by check, the remaining balance is due the night of your event to be given to your entertainer - to be paid by check.

If I don’t live in Iowa can I still book an entertainer?

Yes, we have entertainers located across the United states.

If I book someone do I have to pay the whole fee at the time of booking?

No, only a deposit is required upon booking, 20% of the total fee.

Can I talk to a person rather than all though email?

Yes, you can call our office and we can talk over everything for your booking.

Are your Entertainers material clean?

Yes our entertainers shows are all family friendly, unless requested otherwise.

I'm an artist, what do you need from me?

A quality video of 60 minutes of original clean material, your contact information - name, phone number, email. How much material you can do in addition to your 60 minute set? A headshot? A link to your website if you have one and a Bio about yourself. All can be submitted at