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Toby KID Klauenberg turns magical moments into reality. Now he brings you the most iconic character in the world. Toby brings the spirit and excitement of the holiday season to your special event wherever it may be! He has years of experience and will make your event a memorable one for both children and adults. From large corporate holiday bashes to an intimate gathering with family and friends, no Christmas party is complete without Santa Claus. Toby delivers wonderful live entertainment for holiday parties right to your door.

Yes, you have the Santa Claus with experience!  Your business and corporate events or company Christmas party will be filled with the wonder of Christmas when Santa becomes real to your attendees. With his background of 30 years being the iconic character for the major burger franchise, you know your customers will be secure with this Santa Claus representing your business.
Plus, don’t forget your marketing with your customers. Santa can accompany sales personnel delivering a holiday gift or new product. Remember Santa is always available.  Invite him to your July events to market Summer, Upcoming Events, or to announce your company goals and success to all.

Inviting Santa to your holiday event is a nice way of saying “Thank You” to the people that have made your company great: staff, customers, vendors, and their families.Santa adds the Christmas spirit and hopes of the coming New Year to your company’s event.

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

Toby’s life time of experiences as a children’s and family entertainer make him uniquely qualified to be your Santa.
Appearances in 48 states and 17 countries over 30 years is testament of Toby’s perfected art of making magical moments real.
Appearances before a crowd of 150,000 or two children, Toby exudes joy and happiness. Holiday magic is reinforced with stories, pictures and lots of Ho Ho Ho’s.

Clubs & Corporate Events

Hotels/Rental Venues
Tea with Santa 

Storytime with Santa
Employee Christmas Parties
Santa Tuck in Service for your Guests
Surprise at client’s Christmas Party
Limitless possibilities for Christmas

Company Events
Company Christmas Parties!
“Breakfast with Santa”
Christmas Tree Lightings!
Visits and Photos for your employees’ Families!
Storytime with Santa
Cubicle to Cubical visits

Country Clubs
Storytime with Santa
Members Christmas Photos
Club Christmas Parties
Breakfast with Santa
Christmas Tree lightings

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