Alex Jackson

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Jackson's subtle, yet no-holds-barred style rolls away the stresses of today's hurry, hurry, push-button, just-add-water-and-stir society. A Minneapolis firefighter, Jackson's sidesplitting wit and wisecracks incite any audience to doubled-over laughter, heating up the scene with inferno of funny! "You pay whatever you think the jokes are worth. And they may be worth plenty, because headlining the act is Alex Jackson, a firefighter who is becoming one of the hottest acts on the local comedy scene."-Minneapolis Star Tribune "Jackson is fast becoming one of the more popular Twin Cities stand-ups. Jackson has blossomed into a personable, likable performer who shares engaging stories about family, fire fighting, and life in general."-Day Enertainment Guide "He is unbelievably funny...Alex really captures the audience's attention by uniquely getting them involved in the show as participants 'Showcase Chair',"-Albion College

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