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As a speaker, Arthur Fratelli inspires audiences to move beyond the past and seize the present, making every moment count in real and meaningful ways. Using everything from gut-busting comedy hypnosis to science-based brain training, Arthur's highly captivating community-building presentations teach you to harness the hidden power of your own subconscious and become your most powerful self. To excited audiences of all ages, Arthur brings a high energy, mind-blowing shared experience, but he also packs an inspirational punchtraining listeners in the science of the brain and unlocking their true potential. Audiences gain a deeper understanding of the value of practice and the power of their own subconscious. Arthur's straight-from-the-heart energy motivates any organization to get moving, take full advantage of every moment, and overcome imagined limitations to become the people they want to be! Learning to harness his own mind, Arthur has studied everything from stoicism, psychology and mentalism to eastern philosophy and physiology. He's a black belt in TaeKwonDo and a sparring partner to 2 MMA UFC champions. With over two decades of corporate stage experience, Arthur masterfully crafts each performance using a blend of laser-sharp improv and well-practiced presentation techniques. As former public educator and certified hypnotherapist, he has honed his craft and brings his experiences studying improv, comedy writing, and comedy theory at Second City Chicago to every audience he serves. Clients love his all-ages appeal and how he skillfully works the crowd, keeping everyone entertained, laughing, and learning all at once. He really is the complete package and strives to make every performance memorable, empowering, and life-changing. "Not only did Arthur prepare for over 250 people in the audience to have a good time, he catered to fit our needs. Highly recommend for many different occasions and age groups!" - Trish Seidlik, Bellevue University "Amazing from start to finish!!! From the moment he began, my entire crowd of people were in stitches." - Kristine Braun, West Corporation "Energetic, funny, and fascinating...our most talked about entertainer ever. The office was abuzz with chatter on Monday." - Azure Lamp, Ritchie Bros. Auctions

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