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One of the few female stage hypnotists performing in the world today, Brenda Kaye has the eyes that will hypnotize. She has performed on stages in Las Vegas and internationally on cruise ships. You will find her stage hypnosis shows are a laugh out loud experience that is simply good clean fun. Imagine if you could get people to relax and feel good just by speaking to them. What if - just through the sound of your voice - you could cause people to experience joy and laughter? What if you knew the exact words that could cause a room full of people to let go of their inhibitions so that they could simply have the time of their life? This is the everyday world of hypnotist Brenda Kaye. Comedy Hypnosis shows often conjure up all kinds of myths and misconceptions. But put those worries aside! Brenda Kaye is a completely different kind of hypnotic performer. She promises to engage your subconscious mind, without utilizing any embarrassing skits or routines. You can rest assured... you won't be clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog.

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