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What happens when a baby boomer happily residing in a closet, deep in the recess of his mind, filled with sixties memorabilia wakes up to find he has been married several times and is the father to two daughters of voting age? Where did the good times go? What's a mortgage? How did his old nemesis, Reality, find him? Who will win the battle royal for control of his life, responsibility or his mind? CHARLIE WIENER joins the hilarious struggle each night live on stage as he rants and harangues against that which would make him give up the life he has chosen and have to find adulthood and a regular paycheck.

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Loonees Comedy Corner - Colorado Springs CO

Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City OK/Tulsa OK/Wichita KS/Little Rock AR

Zanies - Chicago IL/St. Charles IL/Mt. Vernon IL/Nashville TN

Laffs Comedy Club - Tucson AZ/Albuquerque NM

The Riviera - Las Vegas NV

Catch a Rising Star - Reno NV/Providence RI/Princeton NJ/Atlantic City NJ

Goodnights Comedy Club - Raleigh NC

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George Lamb Chevy

Medical Clinic Inc

Apple Creek Banking

American Bar & Grill

WMMS Radio/Omni America

Pheasant Run Resort

Forest Products

Econo Foods

Rizz Bros.

Scheels All Sport



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