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To be first in Hollywood is not easy task, but comedian Chris Fonseca has earned that title. He is the first, and only, person with a visible disability to entertain on The Late Show with David Lettermen. Something that hasn't been done since the show's start. Chris allows his Cerebral Palsy to be the foundation of many of his stories. He notes that his helps to break down many preconceived barriers about CP. For fifteen years now, he has had collegiate, corporate and association audiences rolling with him in the aisles. Chris was already on his way up as he was asked to become part of the award winning PBS production, Look Who's Laughing. This show became a break-through production as it became the first comedy special featuring those with disabilities. he has also been featured as an entertainer on The American Comedy Awards, a presenter at The Presidents Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities Conference, and featured comedian at The Montreal Comedy Festival. Each year he is the star performer of the San Antonio Latino Laugh Festival where he plays to sold-out crowds of 20,000. He is currently is a headliner at the newly formed Los Angeles Latino Comedy Festival. For over a decade, Chris has become a veteran performer turning his physical disability into a positive visual image. He has won the praise of Presidents Clinton and Carter and was invited to entertain on the ABC Special, An Evening of Hope-Christopher Reeve. Chris' career has even highlighted by many appearances on Evening at the Improv, Comedy on the Road, Entertainment Tonight, and has been featured in USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and Daily Variety. He also had a co-starring guest role on a Media Access Award winning episode of Baywatch. Although touring over 200 nights a year, he still finds time to share with his two daughters.

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