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We bring the fun to you! Making your event fun and memorable is easy, pleasurable, and natural for us. We are 100% clean for all ages. No abusive performances here. If you are looking for a totally clean, yet funny and exciting show, we are it. We have performed together for over 9 years and never use fill in partners, which is common with many traveling dueling piano "teams". I boast this. It really matters. We are just plain fun silly people who do not share the same performance skills or personality traits, which means there is a ton of variety and unique tools at our disposal. Modern society seems to lean towards eliminating individuality. We specialize in featuring it and this evident contrast between Johnny and myself is a huge entertainment plus. We drag along tons of props and skit toys for us all to have fun with. The stage area looks like a toy store. I will haughtily boast of my live sound experience and sound system. What's the problem every time you hear live music? It's too loud and/or too abrasive or muffled. Without going into too much tech talk, we don't use karaoke equipment like JBL, EV, Peavey, Behringer, so on. We use a Concert Horn Loaded Line Array system that is pro tour custom built. With system efficiency like ours, one circuit can supply enough oomph to hit high decibel levels often needed for an outside festival.

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