Hypnotists Gary Conrad

Gary Conrad has quickly become one of the hottest and most skillful hypnotists working in this country. He has amazed audiences from Alaska to Florida with his hypnotism shows. He has become a regular at all the “A” room comedy clubs and colleges across the country. Gary began his odyssey into hypnosis in 1980 in order to better condition himself during training for body building competition. He learned that through control of the mind he could maximize his workout abilities. This ignited his passion for hypnotism that holds to this day. After several years of study, which included a stint in England, Gary began hypnotizing people in a clinical setting and eventually moved to the stage.

Gary has hypnotized everyone from Army Special Forces to bikers to New York Policemen to school teachers. His shows are among the most popular that many comedy clubs host. Gary Conrad is unique in that he is one of the very few in the country to have the same people come back two and three times in one week to attend his show. Also, while traveling the country, Gary has become popular on radio and television programs in many different markets.

Since hitting the road, Gary has never looked back. If the adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ holds true, Gary Conrad must be as close to perfect as any hypnotist in the country. Not content to simply work a few weeks on the road and then go home for a week, as most performers do, Gary works nonstop, year round. His home is the road with Gary performing in excess of 400 shows per year!

“The night was a great success! The kids enjoyed Gary…he did a great job.”

-North Sargent Post Prom

Recent Venues and Famous TV Debuts

Television & Special Events

The View – ABC
Crook & Chase
Dr. Dre & Ed Lover

Opie & Anthony

Clubs & Corporate Events

Punchline – Walnut Creek, CA
Pepperoni’s – Sioux City, IA
Pierce Street Annex – Anchorage, AK
George McKelvey’s – Denver, CO
Carmen’s Comedy Showcase – Modesto, CA

Auburn University
Clemson University
Dartmouth College
University of California
University of Cincinnati
University of Kentucky
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
University of Tennessee
University of Virginia
University of West Virginia
Notre Dame
Princeton – Princeton, NJ
Florida State – Tallahassee, FL

Performed With
Tony Bennett
Barbara Walters
Lenny Kravitz
Ron White
Bill Engvall
Tiny Tim

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