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Jacob Mayfield is a leading mind reader from Chicago. Mayfield specializes in a kind of magic called mentalism, or mind reading. There will be no rabbits or top hats in his performances. Instead, get ready for telepathy, ESP, and psychic phenomena. Mayfield holds a degree in music and has combined his two passions within his show. In his signature routine, not only does he divine the songs you're thinking, he plays and sings them at the piano while blindfolded.
Mayfield's innovative magic has won him multiple talent awards and placed him in top rankings in international magic competitions. "He {has} the energy and stage presence of someone who takes performing in stride. He has what it takes to win."-Joan Caesar (While serving as President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.)
His performances are always high-energy and packed with audience participation. Whether it be a corporate function, intimate party, or performance in theater spaces, he can conjure entertainment that is perfect for your event.

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Performed At

Davenports Piano Cabaret

Room 13 Speakeasy

Atlas Obscura

Magic Cabaret

Elmhurst College