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Jason Russell's comedy style is simply put, a lot of fun! His shows are full of different characters with real stories that are sometimes silly but always incredibly funny. He displays unforgettable facial expressions and explosive energy. He lets you know right from the start, this is going to be a ride you'll be glad you took.
Never using inappropriate language, his show is a cross between Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, and his high school gym teacher, Mr. Clacus! Jason's new Dry Bar Comedy Special titled Beige Frosty is climbing the charts. Catch him while you can!

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Comedy Cafe - Milwaukee WI

Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City OK/Tulsa OK/Little Rock AR/Wichita KS

The Grove Comedy Club - Lowell AR

Hyenas Comedy Club - Dallas TX/Fort Worth TX/Plano TX

Laffs Comedy Club - Tucson AZ

Loonees Comedy Corner - Colorado Springs CO


Crossing the Lines - Documentary


Prison Break - Fox