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With a snap of the fingers, John-Ivan Palmer sends up to 20 subjects he has never met before instantly into deep hypnotic sleep. Through the power of suggestion he tastefully and without embarrassment unleashes their imaginations. Anything can happen and the result is side splitting hilarity! Everyone has a blast, subjects and audience alike.
John-Ivan Palmer memorizes over 15,000 pages a year as part of his memory demonstrations. Around the world, audiences see him distribute the pages of current magazines and as quickly as people call out page numbers, he tells from memory exactly what's on the page. Fast. Exciting. Involving.
Surprises happen quickly when John-Ivan Palmer takes control of the program. Before you know it you are in the twilight world of mental enigmas all performed through scientigic means - power of suggestion, misdirection, close observation, disguised ingluence. The illusion of mind reading at its best. But watch out! At any moment Palmer could railroad everything.

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Performed At

N.E.W. Credit Union


Hi-Vee Foods

Avera Health Services

Quantum Inc.

Stearns Co. Human Resources

Gateway Computers

World Data Products Inc.

Natl. Electric Contractors

Bank West



General Mills

Norwest Consumer Banking

Minnesota Timberwolves

Washington Wizards