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A- Who was one of hundreds of comics to make it to the top 20 of NBC's most recent "Last Comic Standing" auditions at Caroline's in New York City? B- Who just unveiled his life story in a dramatically shocking and humorous one-man show? C- Who just won the Carnival Comedy Challenge at the Improv in New York City? D- Tell me, who's a classic native New Yorker ("street kid" sensibility), struggling in suburbia, who brings an attitude of lovable anger and a buffet of thought provoking material to his audiences? E- Who's skills of adaptability and versatility are constantly in demand by all demographics and age groups? Answer A, B, C, D, E: JOSEPH ANTHONY.that's who!

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Borgata Comedy Club - Atlantic City NJ

Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle - Detroit MI

Comix - New York City NY

New York Comedy Club - New York City NY

Broadway Comedy Club - New York City NY


Kill or Be Killed competition - Winner

Las Vegas Comedy Festival - Winner

Carnival Comedy Challenge - Winner


Strange Things Happen at Sundown


The View - ABC

Uncle Vinnies Comedy Hour - Comcast Cable

Americas Funniest People - ABC

CBS Morning News

WORs Richard Bey Show