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It's a good thing sitting still, paying attention aren't the skills you need to become a stand-up comedian, because Rich Ragains possesses none of them. And while his ADHD kept him from being a teachers pet or even a good student, it has helped him develop an act that even his teachers would be proud of. In an odd sort of way, his quick thinking and improv skills also helped him become a high school wrestling champion, but that fact really has nothing to do with his current career. Rich's career began on a dare when he was talked into taking the stage at an open mic night after the guy who was scheduled to perform backed out! And because that one guy lacked either courage or scheduling ability, Rich now enjoys a career in stand-up comedy that has taken him from Northern Canada, all the way to the sunny Bahamas. Rich has also written a book entitled "No Excuse Dad," which discusses the lost art of hanging out and is the host of the new program "Tractor Fanatic." Rich Ragains is the perfect choice for your next event. With clean jokes, hilarious true-life family stories this show will leave your people rolling with laughter.

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