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Nashville's favorite comedian is packing up his pick-up truck and heading in your direction. Rik is a breath of fresh country air minus the B.S. His act is cleaner than the bottom of a bleach bucket. His songs ring with reason and tickle your ribs with twang. Rik has appeared on "Great American Country". His songs have aired on a variety of syndicated radio programs including the Bob & Tom Show, Rick and Bubba, and National Public Radio's Car Talk. Rik is currently touring to promote his third comedy CD "Big Laughs Live." This is his first live recording and it features his best bits. He has performed thousands of comedy club shows and is a favorite in the college and corporate market. His act works well in these settings where being politically correct and clean is a must. Rik was born in Lexington, KY, attended college in West Virginia, and now calls Tennessee his home. Without a doubt, these experiences color his humor with a little southern twang.

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