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Rob Leckband was introduced into hypnosis in 1993 after watching a college performance. Since then Rob has been using hypnosis for therapy and entertainment with great success. As an extreme events promoter and builder (bungee jumping, vertical wind tunnels and inflatable games) Rob has delighted audiences across the country from small venues, like hundreds of prom parties and small town festivals, to supplying the entertainment for 10,000 athlete at AAU Junior Olympics. Iowa State University also entrusted Rob with the job of supplying all of the entertainment for 30,000 students at their Veishea Celebration on 4 different occasions. Rob can do shows for any type and size audience from G rated for churches and proms all the way up to X rated for the biker bars of Sturgis. Rob realizes each show must fit the client and at the end of each show, Rob will give everyone on stage suggestions for self-confidence, motivation, visualization, weight loss, smoking, etc. as his way of paying them back for entertaining the crowd along with him.

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