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Hailing from the diverse landscapes of Ft. Polk, Louisiana, and shaped by the rich cultural tapestries of Germany and Texas, Rose Short is a musical force to be reckoned with. As a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach, actress, and playwright, Rose's journey began at the tender age of 5, captivating audiences with a talent that transcended her years. By the age of 16, Rose had already graced stages in front of thousands, setting the stage for a remarkable career. Her love for all genres of music, including theater, led her to participate in over 35 theatrical productions, spanning the enchanting realms of musicals to poignant plays. Rose's star continued to rise, with three triumphant victories at the Apollo Theatera testament to her commanding presence on stage. In 2019, she stepped onto the national stage, auditioning for and becoming a top 4 finalist on Season 17 of The Voice, leaving an indelible mark with her powerful performances. A true virtuoso, Rose's sound is a unique blend of soft rock alt, R&B with a hint of jazz and countryher own musical gumbo. Each ingredient stands alone, but together they create a harmonious symphony that soothes and satisfies the musical palate. Rose has graced SXSW stages multiple times, sharing her musical prowess with diverse audiences. Her journey has also intertwined with legendary acts, such as Gospel artist Yolanda Adams and sharing the spotlight with Gwen Stefani, The Eagles and captivating the audience at the Country Music Television Awards alongside three-time award winner, Jelly Roll. In Rose's world, a gift from God is a responsibility to share. Her passion for music goes beyond the stage it's a calling to connect, inspire, and uplift. Follow Rose Short's musical odyssey on social media under the moniker IAmRoseShort, and join her as she continues to weave musical magic and leave an indelible imprint on hearts around the world.

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