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Scott's Hilarious CLEAN COMEDY has been seen on NBC, FOX-TV, ESPN, and the Bob and Tom Show! Scott Long consistently gets 5 star reviews from small events to Fortune 500 companies like GE, John Deere, and State Farm. His NON-PROFANITY, but funny show works with any group, which is why Scott was chosen to perform at all-age shows at State Fairs, on Cruise Ships and even the Bass Fishing Championships. His comedic message speaks to how you can grow up in small town Iowa and keep those values... all while performing on all the top stages across the US. Here's the question you need to answer. Do you want to bring in some comedian with their bias and attitude built from living in New York or California? Scott isn't your guy. BUT if you want someone who will totally CONNECT with your group, someone who tells hilarious stories about a dysfunctional childhood, being married for over 2 decades and the ups and downs of having 3 kids? If you want someone who can write great custom material about your group? If you would love to have a comedian who will improvise with your group making some of the audience his co-stars? Well then SCOTT LONG is perfect for your event! Scott's known for his versatility! Company Events, FUNDRAISERS, Roasts, Birthday or Anniversary Parties, etc. What puts Scott above others is how he can customize material for each event and the AMAZING improvisation he incorporatesas he makes the audience his co-stars! There is no better act for a fundraiser, as Scott's poignant story of having a child with a disability connects on all levels. The father of a 15 year old girl on the autism spectrum, Scott does many fundraisers for Special Needs groups, as he's committed to raising money and awareness for people with developmental disabilities. (Helped raise over $100,000 dollars for these groups in just the past 2 years! His latest comedy CD, Good Dad...Not a Great Dad is a big selling standup release which can be found or heard on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, & Sirius/XM. Over the past 13 seasons Scott's written Frank Caliendo's comedy sketches for the NFL Pregame show on FOX & ESPN, plus 3 Super Bowls and 2 NASCAR Award Shows. Let him bring his emmy-nominated comedy writing to your event!

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