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Tim Slagle is a political satirist with a penchant for the controversial and has spent twenty-five years touring the biker bars, bowling alleys, and Holiday Inn lounges of America making a living telling jokes to the proletariat. Actually, the only dogmas that Tim clings to, are the inalienable rights outlined in the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, otherwise known as the Bill of Rights. (Especially the right of Free Speech.) Fascist governments have never acknowledged the existence of these rights. Tim Slagle deals more with political concepts than politicians. Some people actually leave a show without ever realizing it was political. Things that touch our everyday life like warning labels and vegetarian frozen dinners, have political implications, but are not necessarily thought of as political. Tim's most memorable bit is his Halloween/Tax bit, where he suggests teaching children about taxes on Halloween, because "...they just put in eight full hours of power Trick or Treating, and they've got a nice big bag of what should be, take-home candy!"

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